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I’m a UX strategist and researcher with a deep love of design, problem-solving and human behaviour.

Over the course of my diverse career, I've helped shape world-class brands, products, and services through my expertise in business strategy, product design, user experience research, and brand marketing.


Using a blend of mixed-method research and product data, I generate insights that build empathy, inform product strategy, and shape user experiences that deliver meaningful value to your customers.

I bring expertise in generative and evaluative UX research practices, combining qualitative research with data science to identify growth opportunities, improve existing solutions, and measure key product metrics.

Research methods I commonly employ include qualitative and quantitative usability testing, remote and in-person user interviews, field studies, context labs, diary studies, surveys, customer data analysis, heuristics evaluations, and market/competitive research.

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"Martha is a deep thinker, a collaborative consultant, and a strong facilitator. She ran a design sprint for our website, where she was excellent at educating our team on design practices, and challenged us with ideas to keep the end user and our goals at the heart of our work."

— Jessica Knox · CEO, Metrix Group

"I had the privilege of working with Martha on a strategy and research Discovery project for one of Canada's largest banks. I have benefitted personally and professionally from having worked with her; she is a natural leader who was always willing to provide thoughtful and actionable feedback and coaching.

Her unique way of melding empathy and confidence makes her an unparalleled communicator; able to build consensus and reconcile opposing points of view with ease. She is able to make technology concepts accessible to all audiences and has an infectious enthusiasm for how it can be used to elevate the human experience."

— Noorin Dayha · Head of Product, Base Alpha

"We worked together on a research project for a client with a highly complex business model. Martha was able to jump head first into the project within her first week at the company and able to provide value quickly by helping us design a research plan that allowed us to uncover important insights to guide the product strategy for this company moving forward.


Martha is an excellent communicator - excelling in qualitative research methods to be able to talk to customers and end users and pull important insights to guide product teams."

— Jenny Wood · Sr. Product Manager, Loopio 

Martha Malloy  |  m@marthamalloy.com  |  647-850-7330

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