Strategy and design, informed by research.

Exploring the ever-changing role of technology in people's lives

I’m a senior product researcher, design strategist and servant leader with a deep love of design, problem-solving and human behaviour.

Throughout my venturesome career, I have helped shape world-class brands and products through my expertise in business strategy, product design, user experience research and marketing.


I bring 15 years of experience in leading interdisciplinary creative and strategic teams - encouraging them to bring an inquisitive, human-centered mindset to any challenge.


When I’m not immersed in research & design at work, you can find me listening to podcasts, hanging at the cottage or dreaming about travelling again (41 countries & counting).

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"I had the privilege of working with Martha on a strategy and research Discovery project for an external client. I have benefitted personally and professionally from having worked with her; she is a natural leader who was always willing to provide thoughtful and actionable feedback and coaching.

Her unique way of melding empathy and confidence makes her an unparalleled communicator; able to build consensus and reconcile opposing points of view with ease. She is able to make technology concepts accessible to all audiences and has an infectious enthusiasm for how it can be used to elevate the human experience."

— Noorin Dayha · Sr. Product Manager

(worked collaboratively together at TribalScale)

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