Stories travel faster than reports

My approach to innovation integrates the needs of people, possibilities of technology, and requirements for business success through human-centered strategy, research and product design.

Human Discovery

Understand who we are building for

  1. Co-create a research and recruitment approach with a resident anthropologist.

  2. Conduct generative research, often using ethnographic interviews and field studies, to understand humans’ lived experiences and distil them into unmet needs.

  3. Perform market research and competitive analysis to identify key future trends/signals indicating how the market may evolve.

  4. Synthesize research findings and define biggest pain points and areas of opportunity using compelling, empathetic storytelling to rally stakeholders.

Product Discovery

Identify what we should build

  1. Conduct ideation workshops with stakeholders to conceptualize core functions, MVP features, supporting services and more.

  2. Prioritize concepts and select those to be prototyped.

  3. Create a high-fidelity proof-of-concept prototype.

  4. Conduct multiple rounds of in-market validation testing using desirability and usability studies.

  5. Integrate user feedback with quick design iterations.

Technical Discovery

Solution how we should build it

  1. Evaluate current technical stacks.

  2. Align on architecture for the proposed prototype.

  3. Understand the necessary integrations into existing APIs and platforms.

  4. Assess technical risks and feasibility considerations.

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