Creating a positive impact through mentorship 

It's truly a privilege to coach startup founders and early stage product designers to navigate their career challenges, build their UX research practices and map out their awesome future growth opportunities. 


RYERSON Design Fabrication Zone

I have been a tech startup mentor at the Design Fabrication Zone at Ryerson University since 2017. I love working with passionate entrepreneurs to build compelling investor pitches as well as lead UX research initiatives to enhance their product strategy and design. 


I've worked closely with the Novalte, a truly purpose-driven team who enable individuals with physical disabilities to live more independently with their smart home device. 

"Martha has been working with our team to shape our the communication and branding strategy for our assistive devices that help support independent living for people with mobility issues. Her coaching has been incredibly helpful to clearly position our brand and refine our messaging for our clients, customers and investors. Martha has a solid understanding of how to distill complex technology into simplified, human language that resonates with our audiences. She has brought a clear, customer-centric focus to our product and this has, in turn, had a positive effect on how we designed our service model."

— Michael Cullen, Founder of Novalte



I'm part of the Hexagon UX mentorship program dedicated to supporting the careers of women and non-binary people in user experience by helping them create meaningful connections and build skills that foster success. Through these relationships, Hexagon UX helps close the gender gap and grow the future leaders of tech in Toronto. 



In 2019, I joined an investor accelerator program designed for female corporate and innovation leaders designed by Female Funders. This unique learning experience will amplify my knowledge of early-stage venture funding. I’m driven by the belief that the more female investors claim a seat the table, the greater the opportunities will be for female startup founders.

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